With lots of repeat questions on the same subjects our FAQ is here to help… If you have a question that isn’t covered here drop us an email (hello@FriFran.com) or use the form below.

Q. Why are all your recipes gluten free AND vegan?
A. I have been vegan for over 25 years and gluten free for over eight years – I am still on the diagnostic path but gluten (and other things) make me very sick indeed. ‘Other things’ that avoid because they make me ill include coconut, garlic, onion, leeks…

Q. Why do you only use grams in recipes?
A. Weight AKA mass (rather than volume) is the most accurate and consistent measure for all recipes. Gram is the most widely used unit of measurement for non-liquid ingredients in cooking and grocery shopping worldwide. Gram is the SI (Système International) unit for mass (AKA weight).

Q. Your recipe doesn’t seem to work – can I contact you?
A. Yes please – I carefully test all my recipes but if there is a problem with my recipes I need to know! Please add a comment in the recipe page – so I can help the most people.

Q. Can I use content from FriFran.com?
A. All content (including text and photography) on FriFran.com is original and copyrighted ©2016-2019. All rights reserved in all media. If you would like to use any content please email hello@FriFran.com for written permission.

Q. Can I share your recipe?
A. We are happy for you to share links however if you are referencing the original recipe, you may share the ingredients list but not the full recipe, as long as you give credit back to the original post. We do not allow republishing of full recipes in any form.

Q. I have adapted your recipe – can I share the adapted recipe?
A. If your recipe was inspired by (where you have changed more than a couple of things!) a FriFran.com recipe from this site, please credit FriFran.com with a link back to the original post. Please do not use FriFran.com images to promote your adaptation.

Q. Can I share your photographs?
A. You may share one image with credit and a link to the original post. Please do not share more than one image from a post without explicit permission.