The Vegan, Low FODMAP Cookbook

The Vegan, Low FODMAP Cookbook

The Vegan, Low FODMAP Cookbook: No-nonsense Vegan, Low FODMAP, Gluten-Free Recipes. For Easy Low FODMAP Living

Do you have gut problems? Are you new to the low FODMAP diet? Then it’s time to learn how to prepare a rainbow of tasty, no-nonsense vegan, low FODMAP meals in no time.

The low FODMAP diet can strike fear into the most experienced cooks. It can seem too difficult, intimidating, confusing or too restrictive. Julia Shannahan will guide you through the preparation of a wide variety of easy and delicious dishes that are vegan and low FODMAP.

While eating vegan and low FODMAP might seem a little intimidating at first, you’ll soon have a huge array of inspiring and delicious dishes at your fingertips: dishes you would never guess were vegan and low FODMAP. Julia has been vegan for over 25 years and gluten-free for over eight. She first had to try the low FODMAP diet over six years ago after life-long issues with her gut. Using her own experience and understanding of preparing and sharing exciting gluten-free, vegan and low FODMAP foods Julia takes you through a fascinating world of suitable dishes from starters, soups and salads to more substantial mains and lots (and lots) of delectable and indulgent desserts.

Inside The Vegan, Low FODMAP Cookbook you’ll learn

  • How to prepare and cook a diverse number of dishes suitable for all occasions
  • How to eat well on a restrictive diet
  • That you can fabulous dishes made with simple easy to get hold of ingredients
  • How to make suitable meals in minimal time – your time is precious
  • And low FODMAP doesn’t mean low in flavour.

The Vegan, Low FODMAP Cookbook is packed with no-nonsense recipes that will unlock the possibilities of a low FODMAP diet. If you like bright, interesting, delicious and straightforward recipes made with simple, easy to get hold of ingredients you’ll love this book.

Julia’s simple and effective recipes can save you precious minutes trying to find suitable recipes online. Buy Julia’s book now and inside you’ll find helpful hints, full colour photographs, ingredients in gram, ounces and cups and easy to follow, step by step instructions.

If you want to eat well on a vegan, low FODMAP diet and learn how to make recipes that will become your ‘go-to’ recipes you can’t afford to miss this essential cookbook.

Build your low FODMAP cooking confidence and repertoire with The Vegan, Low FODMAP Cookbook today!
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The Vegan Low FODMAP Cookbook.