Spectacular home-made embroidered Christmas cards. Look amazing and easy to make. Naive Christmas trees

You can make these spectacular Christmas cards at home. They are super easy and super impressive.

I chose two naive Christmas tree designs but the world is your oyster here. You can do stars, baubles, present outlines and make the shapes as simple or complex as you like.

It is worth doing a few trials with the pattern as you will want to calculate the ‘route’ you take to make sure you get the pattern you want at the front and ensure the back of the card is not too messy. If the design you want to use makes it difficult to keep a tidy back you can take a sheet of paper or card and glue over the back of the embroidery to hide the back of the embroidery.

Serves as many cards as you want to make
Preparation and cooking time 5-10 minutes per card

Blank cards and envelopes in colours of your choice
Cotton embroidery thread in colours of your choice
A large embroidery needle
Ruler and pencil

1. Mark out the points of your design – where the thread will pass through the card
2. Punch the holes to make the template on the card using the needle (you might want to do this on a craft type surface or Blutack to stop any damage)
3. Thread the needle with the colour thread you want to use and starting from the back of the card mark out the pattern with the thread
4. Secure any loose ends, write your message and deliver!