Quick and Easy Cashew Cheese

Quick and Easy Cashew Cheese

Quick and Easy Cashew Cheese is exactly that. Quick. And. Easy. No faffing, no messing. Quick and Easy Cashew Cheese makes the best gluten-free, vegan cheese on toast (AKA gluten-free, vegan grilled cheese).

I use BFree gluten-free (vegan) bread* and toast it on one side before spreading with margarine and Quick and Easy Cashew Cheese. Grill until it’s bubbling. Yum!!!

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Allergy Information – Quick and Easy Cashew Cheese

Quick and Easy Cashew Cheese is gluten-free and vegan as well as… celery free, coconut free, garlic free, lupin free, mustard free, nightshade free, onion free, peanut free, sesame free, soya free.

Top Tips – Quick and Easy Cashew Cheese

Agar agar is available in many shops and stores. If you can’t find it locally you can buy it online.

You can substitute arrowroot powder for cornflour.

I use two large ramekins (around 10 centimetres in diameter) to make these cheeses. They are the perfect size for one. After the cheeses have set I store one in the fridge and freeze the other. The cheese freezes well!

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Recipe – Quick and Easy Cashew Cheese

Difficulty medium
Serves makes two cheeses ~10 centimetres in diameter
Preparation time 10 minutes (excluding soaking and setting time)
Cooking time 5 minutes

Ingredients – Quick and Easy Cashew Cheese

150 grams cashew nuts
2 tablespoons agar agar flakes
500 millilitres water
2 tablespoons nutritional yeast
2 tablespoons arrowroot powder
1.5 teaspoon sea salt flakes
0.25 teaspoon ground turmeric
0.25 teaspoon smoked paprika
1 teaspoon cider vinegar

Method – Quick and Easy Cashew Cheese

1. Place the cashews in a small container, cover with water, and place in the fridge overnight
2. The following day drain the cashews, rinse and place in a food processor
3. In a saucepan, mix the agar agar flakes with 200 millilitres of water. Set aside
4. Add the nutritional yeast, arrowroot, sea salt flakes, turmeric, paprika, cider vinegar and remaining 300 millilitres of water to the food processor with the cashew and blend to a very smooth paste
5. Add the cashew paste to the agar agar mixture and place on a medium heat. Stir constantly
6. Bring the mixture to a boil and simmer gently for two minutes
7. Pour into two ramekins and allow to cool. Place in the fridge until set
8. Serve with crackers, as cheese on toast or however you like!!!

Quick and Easy Cashew Cheese. Gluten-free, vegan. #GlutenFree

2 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Cashew Cheese”

  • Hi, I love your blog and tried this recipe today. I’m still waiting for it to set but I already like it. So I wonder if I can write about it on my blog and ofc write it’s yours and link to your recipe? Xx

    • Of course we’re happy for you to share links!!! If you are referencing the original recipe, you can share the ingredients list (but not the full recipe), as long as you give credit back to the original post. I hope you like!!!

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