Miso Soup with Tofu and Shitake Mushrooms

Miso Soup with Tofu and Shitake Mushrooms

Soup-erb as a light lunch or supper and great as a starter for a Japanese banquet. Miso Soup with Tofu and Shitake Mushrooms has no added fat, is chock-full of nutrient dense miso and tastes amazing! If you want something more substantial add a small portion of Basics – Perfect Plain Rice in the bottom of your bowl of Miso Soup with Tofu and Shitake Mushrooms.

Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting soybeans with salt and koji (a type of fungus) Other ingredients are often added to the ferment including rice or barley (and others). Miso paste is usually sold in jars and is the basis for miso soup. Be cautious when buying miso. There are lots and lots of types of miso out there many are barley based and many are not gluten-free and vegan. Brown rice miso is a good product to look for – and check the label carefully.

Allergy Information – Miso Soup with Tofu and Shitake Mushrooms

Miso Soup with Tofu and Shitake Mushrooms is gluten-free and vegan as well as… low FODMAP*, celery free, coconut free, garlic free, lupin free, mustard free, nightshade free**, onion free, peanut free, sesame free***, tree nut free.

*For low FODMAP, sub the shitake mushrooms (which are high FODMAP, for fresh or dried oyster mushrooms)
**For nightshade free, leave out the chilli and gochu garu.
***For sesame free, leave out the sesame seeds.

Top Tips – Miso Soup with Tofu and Shitake Mushrooms

Miso is a delicate thing and should not be boiled. Boiling will destroy all the good things that live in it. That is why it is added to the soup at the end and not simmered.

The tofu used here is fresh medium tofu. If you have a local Chinese or oriental supermarket do buy your tofu there. The tofu sold in most supermarkets is not great and has an unusual (unpleasant) taste. Silken tofu is a good alternative. Use fresh shitake mushrooms if you can – they have a great texture – otherwise tinned shitake mushrooms work too.

The chilli and gochugaru are optional. Gochugaru is very mild but adds a lovely deep, smokey, flavour.

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Recipe – Miso Soup with Tofu and Shitake Mushrooms

Difficulty easy
Serves 4-6
Preparation time 5 minutes
Cooking time 5 minutes

Ingredients – Miso Soup with Tofu and Shitake Mushrooms

10 grams fresh grated ginger
150 grams fresh firm tofu
0.5 teaspoon rice wine or sherry vinegar
0.5 teaspoon tamari
100 grams (~8-10 mushrooms) shitake mushrooms* (for low FODMAP sub oyster mushrooms for shitake mushrooms)
0.5 red chilli finely sliced** (leave out for nightshade free)
Pinch gochugaru (Korean chilli powder) – optional (leave out for nightshade free)
400 millilitres boiling water
2 teaspoons miso paste (or according to directions)
0.5 sheet dried seaweed (I used a nori seaweed sheet for sushi)
Toasted sesame seeds*** to serve (leave out for sesame free)

Method – Miso Soup with Tofu and Shitake Mushrooms

1. Dice the tofu into just under one centimetre dice, grate the ginger and slice the shitake mushrooms
2. Add the boiling water to a small pan and add the ginger, rice wine vinegar, tamari, chilli slices and gochugaru and stir well. Add the tofu and shitake mushrooms. Simmer for around four minutes. When the mushrooms are soft turn off the heat
3. In a small cup add the miso paste and mix with a few tablespoons of hot water. This will help it mix in with the soup and prevent lumps. Add the miso paste to the soup and mix well
4. Serve in small bowls with torn up shreds of nori and toasted sesame seeds.

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