Category: Craft

Coffee Bean Sack Rug

Rug made from an old coffee bean sack

A little while ago I bought a whole load of old coffee bean sacks… And got the Best Free Cup of Coffee Ever. I have lots of ideas for the old sacks and precious little time! But I did do something with one of the sacks. I made a Coffee Bean Sack Rug. It looks..

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Macrame Plant Pot Holder

Macrame hanging plant pot holder

Welcome back to the 1970s with my Macrame Plant Pot Holder. I first learnt to macrame when I was at school. I loved it and made lots (and lots) of plant pot holders. Strangely they never seemed to ever get hung at home. None of them. May be they were just not as cool as..

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Olive Oil Soap

Home made, gluten free, vegan Olive Oil Soap. Castille soap.

I love making Olive Oil Soap. It is so satisfying to make such a huge amount of soap, that is gluten free, that is vegan, that I can use without a skin rash or reaction. Not only do you know exactly what goes in to your soap it is also superb value for money. This..

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Spectacular Christmas Cards

Spectacular Christmas Cards. Home-made embroidered cards. Look amazing and easy to make. Naive Christmas trees.

You can make these spectacular Christmas cards at home. They are super easy and super impressive. They look really cool against the sparkle and glitz of shop bought cards. (I think that is a good thing!) I chose two naive Christmas tree designs but the world is your oyster here. You can do stars, baubles,..

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