FriFran Resource Library

FriFran Resource Library

One of the things I have been spending some time on lately is developing resources for FriFran. That includes lot of FREE resources! I am also working on some other interesting projects which I am sure you will love. I will be able to bring you more exciting information soon…

So, to help you in your gluten-free | vegan | + plus life I have been pulling together those incredibly useful resources that I want to share with you. I am going to continue building the FriFran Resource Library so the library will grow over time.

So what’s free I hear you say?

There are super fabulous UK Seasonal Produce Posters. Using these posters you will be able to see what is in season in the UK – and key to seasonality – what tastes great and what is fantastic value for money! Seasonal fruit and vegetables are the best and knowing what is in season will inspire you to try new things or something a little bit different to what you normally eat. Most of the recipes I publish use seasonal produce not just because they taste better and are great value for money but because they have less impact on the environment (reduced production and transport impact). Go seasonal!

My favourite resource that I wish I had when I went gluten-free, which was a huge challenge, is my Store Cupboard Essentials Checklist. All the things you can have in your kitchen to make your gluten-free | vegan | + plus life easier and more productive.

You will also find useful Cooking and Baking Conversion Charts to help you with any recipes where you are not familiar with the system in place. Personally I use the (SI) metric system: I am used to it and it is the most accurate – allowing for reproducible recipes.

Plus there is also a very useful Meal Planner and shopping list and a very useful Medical Appointments Information sheet which I use for medical appointments (you always get asked the same questions and I find my mind goes blank sometimes!) and I find incredibly useful.

So how do I access the FriFran Resource Library?

Super simple!!! All you have to do is sign up to FriFran in the box below and you will gain access to the Free Resource Library and receive FriFran newsletters and updates including recipes, information, free stuff and you will be the first to know of upcoming products. How can you resist?

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