Vegan Bonfire Toffee

Vegan Bonfire Toffee

Vegan Bonfire Toffee is just wonderful. The taste; rich, dark, smoky and sweet takes me back to watching bonfires and truly, truly, awful fireworks. Vegan Bonfire Toffee has a taste, that is so specific to one time of year, it’s hard to eat without wanting to get a bonfire going. I adore sweet and chewy Vegan Bonfire Toffee but I also adore having teeth so eating it once a year and trying not to pull my teeth out is best!

Vegan Bonfire Toffee whizzed or smashed into dust would make a great topping for Gluten Free, Vegan Sweet Squash/ Pumpkin Tart. Vegan Bonfire Toffee is eye wateringly sweet but if you like toffee you will love Apple and Blackberry Cobbler. If you want a warming soup to start your bonfire night I heartily recommend Carrot and Lemon Soup which is one of my all-time favourites.

Allergy Information – Vegan Bonfire Toffee

Vegan Bonfire Toffee is gluten-free and vegan as well as… celery free, coconut free, garlic free, lupin free, mustard free, nightshade free, onion free, peanut free, sesame free, soya free, tree nut free.

Top Tips – Vegan Bonfire Toffee

Use a sugar thermometer. You will get a very accurate temperature which takes away some of the guess work of dropping the toffee into cold water.

Do not stir the cooking mixture. There is a small possibility that stirring will enable crystallisation of the sugar and ruin the toffee. Gently swirl the pan to mix and ensure even cooking.

Vegan Bonfire Toffee is best eaten the same day – the toffee has a habit of going a bit goey (the toffee starts to liquefy) after more than a day or two – even when stored in an air-tight container.

Recipe – Vegan Bonfire Toffee

Difficulty easy but caution is needed due to the heat of the sugar mixture
Serves makes around 500 grams toffee
Preparation time 5 minutes
Cooking time 40 minutes

Ingredients – Vegan Bonfire Toffee

Vegetable oil, for greasing
450 grams dark brown sugar
125 millilitres hot water
0.25 teaspoon cream of tartar
115 grams black treacle
115 grams golden syrup

Method – Vegan Bonfire Toffee

1. Line the base and sides of a small tin (approximately 25 centimetres long and 15-20 centimetres wide) with grease-proof paper or a non-stick baking sheet and grease
2. Place a heavy bottomed pan on a gentle heat and add the sugar and hot water and heat gently until the sugar is dissolved, do not stir the mixture at any point instead tilt and swirl the pan if you need to mix and move the toffee
3. Once the sugar has dissolved add all the remaining ingredients swirl the pan to mix and melt. Add the sugar thermometer at this point
4. Bring the mixture to the boil and simmer until the mixture reaches 140 C (soft crack stage). This may take up to 30 minutes, be patient and do not leave the pan unattended as it can change quickly. As soon as the mixture reaches 140 C turn off the heat and carefully tip it into the greased, lined, baking tin and leave it to cool
5. Once the toffee is cool lift the slab from the tin, using the grease-proof paper, place on a flat surface and place another sheet of grease-proof paper on the top (to stop bit flying off). Using a toffee hammer or rolling pin gently break up the toffee
6. Store in an airtight container or wrap up in cellophane to give as a special Bonfire Night gift.

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