Mushroom and Chestnut Pot Pie

Mushroom and Chestnut Pot Pie

Gluten-free, vegan Mushroom and Chestnut Pot Pie is so rich, easy and delicious you will be eating it at least once a week. The red wine gravy has a deep, rich flavour which perfectly complements the mushrooms and chestnuts. I serve this with grilled broccoli and pickled red cabbage which work wonderfully with the rich pie.

It is so easy to make this two component pie (filling and pastry lid) that you cook separately and assemble just before serving.

This is a rich pie that would also be great with a salad such as Broccoli, Kale and Pea Salad, Radish and Cress Salad and Winter Vegetable Salad With Walnut Dressing.

Allergy Information – Mushroom and Chestnut Pot Pie

Mushroom and Chestnut Pot Pie is gluten-free and vegan as well as… celery free, coconut free, garlic free, lupin free, mustard free, nightshade free*, onion free, peanut free, sesame free, soya free, tree nut free.

*For nightshade free leave out the tomato puree.

Top Tips – Mushroom and Chestnut Pot Pie

If you don’t want to make the pastry or have ready made gluten-free, vegan pastry in the fridge, you can use that. You can buy ready-made gluten-free, vegan pastry in a few supermarkets now (I’m aware of two brands available in the UK).

You can buy cooked chestnuts that that are either vacuum packed or tinned. These are really convenient and save you the trouble of peeling and cooking chestnuts. Especially as chestnuts have such as short season.

This recipe makes four individual pot pies. You can, of course, make one large pot pie too!

I serve Mushroom and Chestnut Pot Pie with grilled broccoli and pickled red cabbage but I would also serve it with mushy peas and pickled red cabbage… Divine… Pie and peas…

You can find out exactly when the mushroom varieties and fresh chestnuts are in-season in the UK by checking out my FREE Seasonal Produce Posters. There are two posters you can save and/ or print to use as quick reference guides for UK Seasonal Produce. Click the button below to sign-up and download.

Recipe – Mushroom and Chestnut Pot Pie

Difficulty easy
Serves 4
Preparation time 15 minutes
Cooking time 40 minutes

Ingredients – Mushroom and Chestnut Pot Pie

Gluten Free, Vegan Shortcrust Pastry – no sugar
10 grams dried porcini mushrooms
400 grams portobello or field mushrooms
200 grams mixed mushrooms (e.g. king oyster, oyster, girolle etc.)
2 tablespoons rapeseed oil (or other flavourless oil)
1 tablespoon tomato puree (*leave out for nightshade free)
2 dried bay leave
1 sprig fresh rosemary
2 tablespoon cornflour
250 millilitres good, vegan red wine
200 millilitres gluten-free, vegan vegetable stock
200 grams cooked chestnuts

Method – Mushroom and Chestnut Pot Pie

1. Make the pastry following the link above and place in the fridge to rest
2. Soak the dried porcini mushroom in approximately 100 millilitres of hot water (the mushrooms should be covered by the water)
3. Chop the large mushrooms into quarters and cut all the other mushrooms to a similar size
4. Place the rapeseed oil into a large pan and place on a low to medium heat. When the oil is hot add the tomato puree and sautee for around 30 seconds
5. Add the chopped mushrooms to the pan and stir well. Put the lid on the pan and turn the heat down. Cook for around four minutes
6. Chop the rosemary and add to the pan with the bay leaves. Add the red wine and vegetable stock and stir well. Add the chestnuts and stir again. Replace the lid
7. Remove the porcini mushrooms from the soaking liquid. Place the cornflour into a small bowl and strain the porcini soaking liquid into the small bowl. Mix well and add to the mushroom and wine mixture. Stir well
8. Place the lid on the pan slightly ajar and simmer for around 40 minutes the gravy will reduce and thicken
9. Preheat the oven to 180 C (fan). Whilst the mushroom and chestnut mixture is cooking bake the pastry lids
10. Roll out the pastry between two sheets of cling film and cut the lid(s) to slightly smaller than the pots you are serving the pies in. Place on a baking tray, sprinkle lightly with sea salt flakes and pop in the oven for around 20 minutes until slightly golden. Once cooked remove from the oven and allow to cool slightly before lifting
11. Fill the pot(s) about two-thirds full with the mushroom and chestnut mixture and place the pastry lids on top
12. Serve with grilled broccoli and pickled red cabbage.

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