Cooking up the Basics – Perfect Plain Rice

Cooking up the Basics – Perfect Plain Rice

Quick and easy Perfect Plain Rice. Perfect Plain Rice is so easy and quick to prepare and once it is in the microwave you don’t touch it until you are ready to serve. As simple as it gets.

I love rice! I eat rice most days. White, long grain rice goes with everything. From curry to Chilli Sin Carne to tofu to salad. It is the ultimate versatile food – when it is cooked well. This method will help you too cook up the Basics – Perfect Plain Rice everytime.

This method uses a microwave, one pot method. I have searched for similar rice pots to the one I have and sadly cannot find one – a real shame as it is perfect for the job and looks great. However I have found a very cool Joseph Joseph Rice Cooker* which works on exactly the same principal (picture and link below) and would look pretty fabulous on any dining table.
Joseph Joseph Rice Pot

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