Cooking Up The Basics – Perfect Quinoa

Basics - perfect quinoa. Light, fluffy and perfectly cooked. Naturally gluten free and vegan
Traditionally pronounced: kwin-oh-ah – in our house. That, of course is wrong, but who cares. It tastes good, is full of protein and is super quick and easy. Perfect Quinoa is so simple to prepare and once it is cooked you don’t touch it until you are ready to serve. As simple and as healthy as it gets.

Using this method and toasting the quinoa before cooking adds flavour to the quinoa and helps keeps the grains light a fluffy. Works every time.

Quinoa is so versatile. Brilliant cold as a salad where it can transform peas, mint and slivered almonds in to a delicious light and moreish side. Earthy and robust it adds depth to the dish when served as a grain with Chilli Sin Carne. You can even make a protein rich porridge and serve with fruit and seeds for breakfast. Magical!

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