Bramley Apple and Quince Crumble Recipe

Gluten free, vegan, Bramley apple and quince crumble with vegan custard. Ready to eat.Bramley Apple and Quince Crumble is a delicious autumn pudding. Perfect for a treat and brilliant at making full use of the glut of Bramley apples at this time of year.

Quince is also very much in season and is a much underused fruit – perhaps because it must be cooked to be enjoyed. The quince’s sweet tangy depth goes so well with the tart apples and sweet and crunchy crumble mix.

I love Bramley Apple and Quince Crumble with gluten free vegan custard or cream.

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2 thoughts on “Bramley Apple and Quince Crumble Recipe”

  • Julie, can you use green apples instead of Bramleys. Where I live we do not have Bramleys only green ones ( not Golden Delicious) To make apple crumble.


    • Hi Janice!
      You can use any apples you like (I prefer tart ones myself) but the texture will be different. Bramley apples tend to hold their shape and texture for longer. With eating apples you may get a filling that’s a little more like apple puree. It will still taste amazing but the texture will be different.
      Happy baking!

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