FriFran Favourite Recipes and the Resource Library is Open!

FriFran Favourite Recipes and the Resource Library is Open!

Hello !

I hope you are well and enjoying the very peculiar spring weather! I can’t wait for summer – I hope we actually get a good summer this year.

We have been super busy at FriFran getting the ball rolling on lots of things so with no more to do let’s tell you all about our recent activity.

FriFran Resource Library update

It has been a busy few weeks getting things together to open the FriFran Resource Library. I won’t bore you with the machinations and processes to get the library in place but let’s just say it has been time consuming. The Resource Library is a small library at the moment but it will grow and grow over time. We will add more and more useful gluten-free | vegan | + plus resources to it. We would be super interested to hear from you if there is anything you would find useful/ essential/ helpful that we can add to the library!

The Resource Library plus all the recipes we are adding to the website weekly are making for quite a deep and wide collection.

If you don’t yet have access to the library – it is free – all you need to do is sign up!!!

And now, a roundup of the delightful FriFran recipes we have published recently

One of my favourite recipes to eat on a Friday night with a cheeky gluten-free beer is Chick Peas and Kale in Tamarind Tomato Sauce. No ordinary ‘curry’ it is zingy, spicy and full of flavour. You can taste and identify all the wonderful ingredients and they work so well together. I love it with Basics – Brown Rice, lime pickle, aubergine pickle and poppadoms!

If you are looking for a breakfast treat – look no further than Lemon Polenta Breakfast Muffins. Moist, super-citrusy and delicious they are packed full of protein and great to have as a weekend breakfast treat – or a special after-dinner treat.

Spring has well and truly sprung and we are seeing lots of amazing produce start to appear. Radishes, with their wonderful mustardy tang, are some of my spring favourites. I love to eat the leaves (so good for you) and often make Radish and Cress Salad at this time of year. The vinaigrette is totally brilliant too.

We have had quite a chilly few weeks, despite the early promise of spring, so I have been making and eating some warming dishes. Including my Spanish inspired Butter Beans and Rosemary in Tangy Tomato Sauce. Butter beans are incredible. They keep their shape but are soft and yielding in texture and flavour. I adore these with Crispy Roast Potatoes, olives, cornichon and salad.

Back to sweet treats with Crunchy Gluten-Free, Vegan, Ginger Oat Biscuits. These biscuits are so much fun – like giant ginger snaps. They are crunchy, gingery, spicy and amazing with a cup of tea!

To round off some of that sweet indulgence we have my favourite juice of all time! Beetroot and Carrot Juice – No Blender Required. Super easy and super delicious. You do not need any sweetener (or apple juice) with this. The vegetables stand up for themselves with amazing, earthy flavours. This juice just makes the world feel like a better place (for a short while at least!)

Have a wonderful week!

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