My Favourite Gluten-Free, Vegan Recipes and Interesting Projects

My Favourite Gluten-Free, Vegan Recipes and Interesting Projects

I hope you have had a great week – we have had some typically spring-like weather in the UK. Erratic! It has been super-cold but gloriously sunny. Ne’er cast a clout till May is out is very good advice.

My Favourite Recipes

I thought this week I would take the opportunity to share some of my favourite recipes with you. I like good food. Not good gluten-free, vegan food. Good food. Full stop. We don’t need to settle for second best (a green salad or a stuffed pepper) we can, and do, eat great, appetising, nutritious, seasonal food.

So when I am hungry, what do I turn to? What are my desert island recipes?

One of my all-time favourite soups is Spicy, Aromatic, Lentil Soup. Full of flavour, warming, nutritious,filling and super-easy.

I am lucky enough to live close to Vietnamese and Chinese supermarkets and could eat tofu forever (but can’t!). I regularly cook Ma Po Tofu – especially when it is cold outside and I am super hungry! It has just the right level of chilli kick but with a wonderful umami sauce.

And for dessert? I love rhubarb. I no longer eat it raw(!). But I could demolish Roasted Rhubarb with Crumble Topping with very little help. It is amazing. Roasting rhubarb adds a whole new dimension to the flavour and texture!

I would love your feedback on these recipes. I can use your feedback to create and develop even more easy, nutritious, appetising, delicious recipes for you to love!

If you like the look of these recipes there are lots, lots more on FriFran and even more to come…

New Projects

I am very excited at the moment as I am developing lots more recipes to share with you over the coming months. Plus I have some super interesting projects on the horizon. I’m going to be building the FriFran Resource Library and I am developing E-books, hard copy books, courses and more… Look out for the updates soon!!!

Have a great week!

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