What’s new with FriFran! 12 November 2017

What’s new with FriFran! 12 November 2017

After all the Halloween and Bonfire Night who-ha you would think the fireworks would ease, wouldn’t you? Well, they don’t. Last night was the Lord Mayor’s Show in the City of London so MORE fireworks. Plus, kids love the set them off – usually at about two o’clock in the afternoon when they should be at school! They joys of living in a big city! 

There will be a steady stream of fireworks through to New Year I think! 

New and exclusive recipes this Week on FriFran…
Gluten-Free | Vegan | Allergy-Friendly | Seasonal

Off fireworks and on to business! This weeks recipes are pretty diverse! 

I am kicking off a month of Mexican-insprired food and started with one of my all-time favourite dips… Guacamole – Onion Free, Garlic Free, Tomato Free … I can never get enough guac on a tortilla chip. I like mine spicy and without alliums and tomatoes. They just dilute the pure joy of spicy guac. I hope you like the guac as much as I do.
Guacamole – Onion Free, Garlic Free, Tomato Free.

Halloween and Bonfire Night are a trigger for me to get on with making my Gluten Free, Vegan Christmas Cake. I like to make it around about this time of year, with six weeks or so to go to Christmas. I wrap it in grease-proof paper and set it aside for a week or two in a cool dark place. Then I start feeding it sherry, or triple sec, just a little at a time. By the time the cake is ready to decorate, it is rich, moist and plump with delicious booze. You can use your booze of choice. A very dry sherry, like a fino, works incredibly well. Salty and almondy and super dry. Perfect to feed the cake and perfect to drink with the cake.  
Gluten free, vegan Christmas Cake. Celebration Cake. Ready for decorating.

FriFran Blog Posts this Week…
Gluten-Free | Vegan | Allergy-Friendly | Seasonal

As it is my month to be inspired by Mexico: Going all out for Mexican Inspired Food this Month

Plus, a little more about making a Christmas cake: Time To Make Your Gluten-Free, Vegan Christmas Cake

Living FriFran Facebook Group…

My Living FriFran Facebook Group is live and a great place to share recipes, ask questions and your great finds on all things Gluten-Free | Vegan | Allergy-Friendly | Seasonal. Join here!

FriFran Resource Library news…

I have just added my brand new FREE EBOOK: 10 Quick, Easy and Delicious Soups to the FriFran FREE Resource Library. Sign-up to download it now (and access the ENTIRE Resource Library).

Let me know what you think of the FREE EBOOK and Resource Library!!! I would love to know what you think. 

The FriFran FREE Resource Library is up and open – all you need to do is CLICK HERE. Amongst many super useful things you can find the uber-cool, old-school, set of Gluten-Free | Vegan | Allergy-Friendly Recipe Cards. The recipe card set will give you a whole weekend (four recipes per day!!!) of exclusive, fabulous, Italian recipes. Download, print and TA DA!

In the FriFran Free Resource Library you will also find the FriFran free e-book: 10 Dishes in Under 30 Minutes, seasonal produce posters, meal planners and other really useful resources to make your Gluten-Free | Vegan | Allergy-Friendly | Seasonal life a little bit easier.

And finally…

I’m thinking about Christmas and New Year festivities. I have some special things planned. What are your favourite/ not so favourites things/ foods at festival time?

Tell me your celebration and festival frustrations/ loves/ needs!!! 

Join me on social media (links below)!!! 

Whatever you are doing, enjoy the fireworks!!! 🙂

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