Gluten Free Vegan Christmas Menu Ideas

I love a roast. I really do. I always have. I think it is the gravy that makes a roast so delicious. I love roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, sprouts, stuffing, cranberry sauce, the lot. Being gluten free and vegan doesn’t mean you can’t have a roast. I’m having one.

Whilst I love to cook – where there are tasty (relatively healthy) off-the shelf items to cut down the amount of time I will spend cooking I will use them. For example gluten free, vegan gravy granules. Most supermarkets sell a selection. Find the one that you like best. I find many of them way to salty but there are a few which are good. Stuffing mix. Again most supermarkets sell gluten free, vegan stuffing mix. Some of them are pretty good. Gluten free, vegan Yorkshire pudding mix is great if you can get it to work. Although the mix is gluten free and vegan they ask you to add an egg. I have used egg-replacer to good effect but the mixture is temperamental. A very hot oven and very hot muffins tray with oil is required to get reasonable Yorkshires.

Now. Christmas menu thoughts and ideas…

Starters…My brother loves to have prawn cocktail for his Christmas starter. I have always hated the smell and taste of seafood however I am a bit of a fan of the retro salad and I do a version of the 1970s salad – an avocado cocktail.
Layer finely shredded iceberg lettuce (much under rated salad ingredient), diced cucumber and tomato (or whatever takes your fancy), a little diced red chilli (optional) and top with sliced avocado. Dress with gluten free, vegan Marie Rose sauce which is mayonnaise (find one that isn’t so sweet) or Cumin Aioli with a little tomato ketchup, Tabasco sauce and lemon juice. Retro goodness!

Mains…This year I will be having Walnut and Mushroom Parcels. I will slightly alter the recipe and instead of baking in tomato sauce I will bake with just a little vegetable stock in the bottom and baked covered tightly with foil.

Sides… Crispy Roast Potatoes obviously, mashed potatoes, Rosted Squash, steamed Brussels sprouts, steamed kale, cranberry sauce, Christmas Cranberry and Pumpkin Chutney, gluten free, vegan stuffing (from a packet), gluten free, vegan Yorkshire pudding (from a packet), gluten free, vegan gravy (from a packet)

Pudding… Vegan Meringue all the way. Light and sweet. The perfect way to finish an indulgent meal.

Coffee… Served with Quick and Easy Chocolate Orange Truffles.

Then curl up on the sofa with Murder She Wrote and a good book.

Later a cup of tea and slice of Gluten Free, Vegan Christmas Cake

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