10 Things You Need To Know If You Are New To Gluten-Free

10 Things You Need To Know If You Are New To Gluten-Free

Being gluten-free (and vegan) can be a challenge!!! I’ve been there. At first it’s really, really hard and it makes no sense!!! Before it starts to make sense There are 10 Things You Need To Know If You Are New To Gluten-Free (and vegan).

10 Things You Need To Know If You Are New To Gluten-Free – The Basics

There are a few things if You Are New To Gluten-Free you should already know.

  • Gluten is the general name for the proteins found in wheat, barley and rye
  • Gluten is present in lots and lots of staples; bread, crackers, pastry, cakes…
  • If you do not need to be gluten-free DON’T be gluten-free. It is not healthier, better for you nor will it make you cool
  • Being gluten-free (and vegan) is REALLY challenging – but it does get easier.

10 Things You Need To Know If You Are New To Gluten-Free

This is not an exhaustive list but it will get you going in the right direction…

  1. You Need To Read The Ingredients On EVERYTHING You Buy – look out for ingredients in bold in the UK (allergens including gluten)
  2. Most gluten-free bread has egg in it – and most of it tastes like damp cardboard. Similarly don’t assume if something is gluten-free it is vegan (or even vegetarian)
  3. Don’t be surprised that gluten-free, vegan products are often a) expensive b) taste like crap
  4. Just because it is gluten-free, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy – processed food tends to be full of fat and sugar regardless of whether it is gluten-free and vegan
  5. Oats are technically gluten-free but the processing and milling (in the same place as flour) means most oats are not gluten-free (unless labelled as such) – NB oats contain a protein avenin, which is similar to gluten that some people with coeliac disease and sensitivities cannot eat
  6. You should be very careful of cross-contamination at home (if your home is not gluten-free) – do not share a toaster, utensils, spreads can get crumbs in them… Look at separate cupboards and utensils etc.
  7. Grains like millet, quinoa and buckwheat (not related to wheat, a grass) a fabulous and work great as sides and in baking
  8. You will make mistakes. It is a steep learning curve. Keep on learning, don’t give up
  9. If you accidentally eat gluten and feel unwell. Ride it out, look after yourself. There is no magic wand that will make you feel better
  10. Cooking for yourself is the way to go. You will know exactly what went in your food, you reduced the risk of cross-contamination and you saved money on crappy tasting ready meals.

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10 Things You Need To Know If You Are New To Gluten-Free – Simple Recipes

It can be a little bit daunting starting out being gluten-free (and vegan) so here are five of my go-to recipes that are super-quick, easy and use easy to get hold of store cupboard ingredients

What Is Your Tip To Share If You Are New To Gluten-Free?

There are lots of tips If You Are New To Gluten-Free – this is my tiny selection of faves…

What are your tips to share If You Are New To Gluten-Free? Drop a comment below or ping me on social media! 🙂

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