Jersey Royal Potatoes: In Season And Amazing

Jersey Royal Potatoes: In Season And Amazing

Jersey Royal Potatoes: In Season And Amazing. If you are lucky enough to live in the UK you will be familiar with the papery skin and the light, delicate, unique flavour. They look a little bit like ‘new’ potatoes but look a little closer and they are quite different. Various incarnations of Jersey Royal Potatoes feature heavily in my gluten-free, vegan summers. I LOVE them!!!

Jersey Royal Potatoes: In Season And Amazing – History

The story (legend?) goes that around 1870 a Jersey farmer, Hugh de la Haye, spotted two enormous potatoes for sale. That evening he invited some friends over for dinner. After the meal he showed them the two huge potatoes, one of which had 15 ‘eyes’ (‘eyes’ are where new plants sprout from).

The ’15 eye potato’ was cut into sixteen pieces which they took and planted on a ‘côtil’ (a steeply sloping field, often overlooking the sea.) above Bellozanne valley .

The following spring, the ‘eyes’ produced a large and early crop. Although the parent potatoes and most of the new crop were round one plant produced nothing but uniquely kidney-shaped potatoes. The Jersey Royal was born! This plant was carefully nurtured and developed to produce the later varieties of Jersey Royals which now account for almost half of Jersey’s income from all agricultural products.

Jersey Royals have been grown on Jersey for 140 years. Today there are approximately 20 island farmers who grow Jersey Royals, many of whom grow potatoes and no other crops.

Jersey Royal Potatoes: In Season And Amazing – What’s So Special About Jersey Royal Potatoes

So, Jersey Royals are a unique potato grown only on the island of Jersey in the Channel Isles. The potatoes have an amazing taste which supposedly comes from Jersey’s rich, fertile, earth, the gentle climate and the use of seaweed as fertiliser (though this seems to be less common nowadays).

Jersey Royals have Protected Designation of Origin status. The only fresh fruit or vegetable in the UK to have this. They are only available in Jersey and mainland UK. The Jersey Royal growing season is usually from January to July and the crop is available from late March to July (depending on the weather).

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Jersey Royal Potatoes: In Season And Amazing – What Do You Do With Them?

I am a big fan of seasonal food and when you have seasonal food like Jersey Royal potatoes it makes you appreciate the seasons, the weather and the effort taken to grow such amazing fruit and vegetables.

So what do you do with Jersey Royal potatoes? They are a fabulous seasonal treat and really stand-up on their own in terms of taste.

The are a small to medium size potato and look as if they might be a waxy potato – they are not waxy. Slight more waxy than Maris Piper or King Edwards but still floury. They take up flavours really well.

Jersey Royal Potatoes: In Season And Amazing – How Do You Prepare Jersey Royal Potatoes?

Jersey Royals have a thin papery skin that is easy to remove before or after cooking. Personally, I leave the skin on, I really like it. I rarely peel anythign!

If you do want to remove the skin before cooking just pop the potatoes in a bowl of cold water and scrape with a small knife or use a small scourer to remove the skin. You don’t peel them. Scrubbing will easily remove the skin.

To remove the skins after cooking is super easy. Once cooked just let the potatoes cool enough to handle and gently press the skin off. Easy!

To cook Jersey Royals just wash (and scrub if you like) the potatoes, cover the potatoes (just to the top of the potatoes) in cold water and bring to a boil and boil for 12-15 minutes (depending upon the size) until tender.

You can also bake Jersey Royals as you would small baked potatoes.

Jersey Royal Potatoes: In Season And Amazing – The Best Jersey Royal Recipe

I adore Jersey Royal Potatoes with Mint. This dish is beyond simplicity but is one of the best ways to eat Jersey Royals. You can eat these hot of cold. Both are beyond delicious. This is a great side but I have been known to eat a bowl of these on their own.
Jersey Royal Potatoes with Mint - Gluten-Free, Vegan

Jersey Royal Potatoes: In Season And Amazing – What Do Jersey Royal Potatoes Go With?

Wherever you might have potatoes you can have Jersey Royals. Cold potato salad! Hot potatoes! However you fancy them.

Jersey Royals are a really simple and delicious side that will go with almost anything but especially good with Gluten Free Vegan Haggis or Baked Mushrooms With Crispy Sage.

If you fancy a summer buffet you can serve with all sorts of salads. I would serve Jersey Royals with Middle Eastern Chickpea And Walnut Salad (one of my favourite salads!), with Broccoli, Kale and Pea Salad (so full of colour!), Pumpkin Salad with Crispy Sage (really, really lovely) and Grilled Nectarine Salad with Rocket and Walnuts (a plate full of summer!).

Safe to say that Jersey Royal Potatoes are amazingly delicious, super versatile and go with almost anything. If you haven’t tried them I really recommend them!

What’s Your Tip For Jersey Royal Potatoes?

Jersey Royal Potatoes have such a short growing season we need to make the best of them share your tips for Jersey Royal Potatoes – this is my tiny selection of faves…

What are your tips for Jersey Royal Potatoes? Drop a comment below or ping me on social media! 🙂

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